Adrian Antrum


England South West



01364 642 484

Personal Information

Since 1977 Adrian has maintained a daily meditation and yoga practice which has woven into him the value of inner stillness in mind and body. His earlier background in painting, illustration, graphic design and photography led him into a career in the film industry spanning twenty five years. During this time his spiritual practices nurtured the caring aspect of his personality. The experience of the human form in movement, dance and stillness has always fascinated him. The play of this in a therapeutic tactile form led Adrian to train and qualify in Swedish Massage in 1987. Having experimented with developing a body work suitable for the ME condition, looking for a solution he discovered ‘Trager’ delighted with it’s potential and fluidity ‘TheTrager Approach’ was the complete package.

Trager experience

Adrian qualified as a practitioner in 1998 and is working in Clinics in Totnes and Exeter with a wide range of client conditions from which ‘The Trager Approach’ in his experience has evoked benificial responses for ailments or imbalences in the clients conditions. Adrian is a member of the Complementary Theapists Association

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