Harry Dalford


England South West



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Personal Information

By “Trade” I am a Civil Engineer and most of my professional life has been in Engineering and construction at all levels. Semi professionally I have been paratrooper, musician, scuba-diver, Aikido student/instructor and [Trager Practitioner]. We are now based near Truro in Cornwall. You can also find us at Tribal Earth ( healing area near Lewes in Sussex in August.

Trager experience

In my personal Trager Practice I have worked with clients with many different conditions including: Cancer, MS, ME, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Cerebral Palsy, Anxiety, Backache, Neck-ache, as well as random aches/pains/injuries. I started my Trager Journey in May 2004 when my wife Julie, asked if I would be her “practice body” following her level 1 training. I qualified as a Trager Practitioner in May 2006. Since 2005 I have served on the Board of Directors of Trager UK. Currently I am qualified as an [Introductory Workshop Leader] and have just commenced the training process to become a Trager Tutor. My Wife Julie and I work together as Class Organisers for Trager UK.

Introductory Workshop Leader


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