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Personal Information

I grew up with music and science as major focuses in my education. After 12 years as a housewife, looking after two children and living by now in America, where I gained a private pilot’s licence, I returned to work, first in the Aerospace industry and then in organizing Personal awareness seminars. I helped to run a couple of businesses after I returned to England and then was introduced to The Trager Approach, since when I have become more and more passionate about the wonderful effects of this work.

Trager experience

I qualified as a Trager Practitioner in 2002 and as a Tutor in 2006, and also lead Introductory Workshops and Supervised Practice Days in which I am also qualified to supervise Reflex Response. I am currently growing a practice in the Lake District where I now live and regularly travel south to Gloucestershire and the south of England to visit my client bases there. I am now an Instructor Trainee, preparing to teach my first full class in July 2016.

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