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Contact Trager If you would like to look at details of currently scheduled courses, please select Course Details. If you are interested in becoming a Trager Practitioner, please select How to become a Practitioner.If you are a Practitioner and wish to upload details of a course, please login to access the Upload Course page.People train in the TragerApproach for many reasons: personal development, to help themselves or family members with a condition, or because they wish to be a practitioner. If you would like to attend an Introductory Workshop, or have one take place in your local area or organisation, please contact: Martin Clout, Harry Dalford, Mary Hall, Jenny Hare, Julie Kingston Dalford. Their details are on Find A Practitioner.“After my first Trager session the back pain I had been having was much less. After a few more sessions I began to wake up in the mornings with the feeling I was actually having a Trager session and having my legs extended. I began practising and enjoying Mentastics and found myself massively drawn to the Trager philosophy of ‘How can things be lighter? How can they be easier?’ I began to see the parallels with the letting go of emotional and mental patterns in my life and how Trager could help facilitate this for me. I decided to study Trager to become a practitioner and further my own letting go and releasing, and help facilitate that of others.” -Jon Stern, Trager Student.

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Introductory Workshop on the Isle of Wight,  May 16, June 20 and July 18. email:

Level 1 Training on the Isle of Wight 7th September for 6 days with Piermario Clara

 The Trager Approach.Movement education.
Soft, gentle and extremely powerful – learn to give and receive. A never ending exploration that brings peace of
mind and a freer body for yourself and your clients of any age and physical state.
Pleasant and light movements and touch, for everybody. A relief for many forms of discomfort and an education to
improve your quality of life. The Trager Approach can be given to people lying on a
table, sitting, and even standing. There is no need to undress and no oils or creams are used.
Trager U.K. is a member of the worldwide organization Trager International.
Our Instructor for this training is Piermario Clara from Italy.
Level 1 Training
Monday 7th – Saturday 12th September 2015
Ventnor, Isle of Wight
For information and application, please contact
Mary Irene Hall: 01983 853948 –

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Contact Trager