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Contact Trager If you would like to look at details of currently scheduled courses, please select Course Details. If you are interested in becoming a Trager Practitioner, please select How to become a Practitioner.If you are a Practitioner and wish to upload details of a course, please login to access the Upload Course page.People train in the TragerApproach for many reasons: personal development, to help themselves or family members with a condition, or because they wish to be a practitioner. If you would like to attend an Introductory Workshop, or have one take place in your local area or organisation, please contact: Martin Clout, Harry Dalford, Mary Hall, Jenny Hare, Julie Kingston Dalford. Their details are on Find A Practitioner.“After my first Trager session the back pain I had been having was much less. After a few more sessions I began to wake up in the mornings with the feeling I was actually having a Trager session and having my legs extended. I began practising and enjoying Mentastics and found myself massively drawn to the Trager philosophy of ‘How can things be lighter? How can they be easier?’ I began to see the parallels with the letting go of emotional and mental patterns in my life and how Trager could help facilitate this for me. I decided to study Trager to become a practitioner and further my own letting go and releasing, and help facilitate that of others.” -Jon Stern, Trager Student.

Course timetable – see course details for booking information

Introductory Workshop on the Isle of Wight,  There are monthly workshops telephone Mary Hall 01983 853948

Introductory and Mentastic Workshops in East Sussex Telephone Martin Clout 01424 892128

Level 1 Training on the Isle of Wight 7th September for 6 days with Piermario Clara

 The Trager Approach.Movement education.
Soft, gentle and extremely powerful – learn to give and receive. A never ending exploration that brings peace of
mind and a freer body for yourself and your clients of any age and physical state.
Pleasant and light movements and touch, for everybody. A relief for many forms of discomfort and an education to
improve your quality of life. The Trager Approach can be given to people lying on a
table, sitting, and even standing. There is no need to undress and no oils or creams are used.
Trager U.K. is a member of the worldwide organization Trager International.
Our Instructor for this training is Piermario Clara from Italy.
Level 1 Training
Monday 7th – Saturday 12th September 2015
Ventnor, Isle of Wight
For information and application, please contact
Mary Irene Hall: 01983 853948 –

Contact Trager
Contact Trager