How to become a practitioner

Contact Trager The Trager training programme is very thorough. The core training consists of three levels. Levels I and II are both six day courses, while Level III is a five day course. After each Level, students are required to give thirty practice Trager sessions, receive ten (of which at least two must be from practitioners) and have the required number of tutorials. Before passing on to the next level of training, students must achieve the appropriate standard of practice. At some point after Level I, a six day ‘Anatomy and Physiology’ course and 24 hours of Mentastics classes must be taken.The trainings are available in many different countries and all our International Instructors speak English. The full training programme can be seen on On completion of the core training programme, the student’s work is assessed for its quality by two tutors, followed by recommendation and approval by the Board of Directors of Trager UK.

Upon satisfactory assessment a practitioner certificate is issued and the student becomes a Licensed Trager Practitioner. The training is, in essence, ‘modular’, normally taking about two years. Students may progress to suit their own individual  circumstances and finances.

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Self Development

The Trager Approach is inquisitive, fun, light, gentle, non-intrusive and much more than a Somatic Education tool or form of bodywork. It is a personal journey of self development.  It teaches ‘a way of being’ that brings more comfort and efficiency to the mind and body. The Trager Approach facilitates the release of deep-seated physical and mental patterns that develop through life experience. The results are pleasurable and long lasting.

Enter into a vast ocean of pleasantness where the principles of the work of Milton Trager are explored and enjoyed.

Contact Trager
Contact Trager
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