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For information about the Trager® Approach, UK practitioners, Trager® trainings and Dr. Milton Trager.  Integrate your body and mind; develop your potential.

Welcome to Trager UK, part of the worldwide Trager Community. If you are interested in learning more about Trager, where to find a practitioner, or how to train as a practitioner, you will find information here. The Trager Approach was developed by Dr Milton Trager and is a unique form of mindful body-movement education, which allows clients to recognise their unconscious holding patterns and move more easily.

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We think the Trager Approach is amazing but don’t take our word for it, see what Trager clients have to say!

” It reminds me of the magic within”. Doreen S

“After a few sessions, the stiffness in my neck and arms had completely freed up and I can now stretch as high as I like, completely pain-free. It may not sound much compared with some health conditions, but to me it is a mini-miracle.”
- Cynthia C

“After 10 years of severe, debilitating pain, several operations of mixed value, and huge amounts of pain relief, I heard of Trager. I am, one year later, off pain killers.”
- Jayne C

“Each session is like a transmission of deep peace and relaxation, a reminder of what it feels like to be free of bodily tensions and blockages of energy. After a session I can sense my body more as pure fluid energy, I feel lighter, more spacious and present.”
- Emma M

Trager for me offered something more profound than any other bodywork treatment I have experienced in a long time. A paradox to say that although deeply relaxing, I felt highly energised and acutely aware of many different sensations in my body… a smoothing out of tension and blocked/imbalanced energies which I have been aware of accumulating in my mind and body for a while.”
- Debbie A

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